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Did you know that not all cranberries are red? In fact, some cranberries, depending on the amount of sun exposure they get and the air temperature, remain a beautiful, blushing pink color! NEW Ocean Spray® Pink Cranberry Juice Drinks blend the full spectrum of Mother Nature’s cranberry colors for a lighter, crisper, more refreshing taste. Available in a full calorie blend and Lite version with just 5 calories.

Pink Cranberries for a Purpose

In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.®, we kicked off our 2018 season with a pink cranberry harvest! Through the launch of our new Pink Cranberry Juice Drinks, we’re also offering consumers an opportunity to pick pink cranberries for a purpose. Every purchase will support breast cancer research as Ocean Spray will donate 5% of its sales of its Pink Cranberry Juice Drinks in the United States and Canada to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.®, up to $250,000 annually.