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British Columbia

British Columbia’s rich cranberry history began in the mid-1800s, when the berries were traded and packaged into barrels each weighing 100 pounds (a measure still in use today) to be shipped to San Francisco for sale. Commercial cultivation of the tiny berries first began in BC in the 1940s. Today more than 80 families produce cranberries in British Columbia. They’re all located in the fertile lower Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island.

Ocean Spray owns and operates two receiving facilities in the area at Langley and Richmond.

  • May Family

    May Family

    The May Family are proud Ocean Spray cranberry growers in British Columbia, Canada. A farming family since the 1800’s, Duncan May and his five sons planted their first cranberries in the early 1960’s and, soon after, joined the Ocean Spray Cooperative. Together, the Mays’ 200 farms cover nearly 2,000 acres, delivering several hundred thousand barrels of cranberries annually. What’s most unique about the Mays’ marshes is that they are all located within a one-mile radius of each other in an urban setting. As they enter their 5th generation of farming and 3rd generation growing cranberries, the Mays continue to be important leaders in the cranberry industry.