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Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada is remarkable for its recent explosion in cranberry growth. In Quebec, the cranberry industry has seen stunning expansion, particularly over the course of the past decade. In 1992, there were three farmers cultivating 264 acres of cranberries, and as of the 2014 harvest it is the second biggest growing region in the world.

Ocean Spray’s growers in Eastern Canada are located in Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick. In addition, Ocean Spray planted a 125-acre farm—its first and only cooperative-owned one—in Rogersville, New Brunswick. In 2018, the cooperative purchased Atoka Cranberries, Inc., located in Manseau. 

  • Larocque Family

    Larocque Family

    The Larocque family have been Canadian cranberry growers for Ocean Spray since 1958. Louis-Michel, his wife, Geneviève, and their son, Édouard, live and breathe farming. Inspired by a trip to Cape Cod’s cranberry bogs in 1938, Louis-Michel’s grandfather, Edgard, was a pioneer who brought the crop to Quebec. In 1941, Edgard’s son Charles joined the company, taking over in 1950. Charles then worked with Vernon Goldsworthy who taught him how to adapt Wisconsin’s crops to that of Quebec. Louis-Michel, who now operates the farm since 1985, is inspired by the two generations before him to continue the tradition of farming cranberries while innovating for the future. When they are not on the farm, you can find the Larocques enjoying the outdoors or traveling.

  • Schneider Family

    Schneider Family

    The Schneider Family built their first cranberry bog in 1998 after Juerg and his wife, Janina, emigrated from Switzerland to Quebec, Canada. Juerg’s family had been farming for generations and with his Master’s in Agriculture, he decided to convert a sod farm into a cranberry marsh. Canneberges Schneider Inc. now operates two farms with more than 200 acres combined. Janina and Juerg’s daughter, Julianne, and son, Jean-Pierre, grew up on the farm and continue to be involved in the family business. When they aren’t growing cranberries, Juerg and Janina enjoy fishing, hunting, and exploring the great outdoors.