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Cranberry Candle Wraps

Cranberry Candle Wraps

Cranberry Candle Wraps


  • Delicious recipe Prep time: 15 minutes


Fine gauge craft wire (.003 mm)

1 12-oz. bag Ocean Spray® Fresh Cranberries

Pinecones or acorns, if desired

Metal toothpick

Wire cutters



Cut wire to desired length. Pierce the wire into the center of a cranberry. Continue threading berries, bending wire into various shapes as you go. Bend end of wire into a loop, and wrap completed wire around candle, base of candlestick or other desired objects.

If desired, alternate cranberries with other items like wooden beads, acorns or pinecones. (Make a small hole in these items with with a thumbtack, metal toothpick or power drill before threading. Use a very fine bit — it should drill a hole just wide enough for the wire to pass through. Place paper towels on the work surface to catch debris. Use pliers to hold the item securely at a slight angle — rest the pliers against the paper towels temporarily so the drill can "bite" into the item where desired. Then raise the pliers from the work surface so the drill can get through.)

Dispose of garland after a day or two, before berries get soft. To prolong the life of the garland, try spraying shellac on the cranberries after stringing them. To avoid staining, do not place the garland directly on lightly-painted surfaces or linens.


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Cranberry garland

Allison from Winter Springs, Florida 11/19/2013 at 10:14 AM

With a darning needle and some embroidery floss the kids/or grandkids can string the cranberries together. Make some popcorn to add and they can string it for the birds and squirrels too. love it

No Title

06/16/2011 at 09:25 AM

Cranberry Candle Wraps

Misty from Blanchard, OK 05/19/2011 at 03:49 AM

Beautiful, yet simple~

Less can be more!

Lyna from Dayton, OH 11/13/2007 at 05:14 PM

Simple, but not at all plain...this is a decoration that seems easy and inexpensive to create. It will surely add natual beauty and vibrant color to any location in your home. Can't wait to try it!

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