Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Connecting Farms to Families for a Better Life

Connecting Farms to Families for a Better Life

Ocean Spray is a farmer-owned cooperative founded in 1930 on the very principle that we are stronger when we are working together. Today, Ocean Spray consists of 700 small family farms, with an average size of 18 acres per farm, who have helped preserve the farmer family way of life for generations. Just as our farmers have been innovating for 90 years, so is Ocean Spray. Leading by purpose, Ocean Spray is committed to the power of good—creating good, nutritious food that has a direct and powerful impact for the health of people and planet.



Our values are the foundation for how our team members work together and treat each other—how we behave as a cooperative and as a citizen of this planet. Unique to who we are as an agricultural cooperative, we strive to live these values everyday:

Grower Mindset

We embrace our farmer-owners innovative spirit and heritage through confidence, learning and focus on the future.

Sustainable Results

Guided by purpose, we are focused on delivering results for our farmer-owners.

Integrity Above All

We are ethical, doing the right thing for our farmer-owners, customers, consumers, and each other.

Inclusive Teamwork

We build diverse and inclusive teams that strengthen our cooperative.

Environmental and Social

Health of People

Food is our single strongest tool to improve the health of both people and planet. Sitting at the intersection of food and health is agriculture. As a farmer-owned cooperative, we have the unique opportunity to drive forward a sustainable, food system that provides accessible, affordable, and nutritious food to people worldwide.


Cranberries are a nutritional powerhouse: rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, fibers, and vitamins. At Ocean Spray, our innovation at Ocean Spray is focused on health and wellness, and bringing to life our mission to connect farms to families. Learn more about the health benefits of the cranberry here!


We believe that true impact is made when working cross-functionally to drive forward a better world. We partner with key stakeholders, including Feeding America and others to expand our reach and help support the health of people worldwide.

Community Fund

Ocean Spray’s farmer-owners and colleagues deeply value the importance of supporting the communities where we live and work. Ocean Spray is committed to growing and building healthy communities. Giving back is part of our culture and passion.

Through the Community Fund, Ocean Spray provides resources to organizations that improve the quality of life in the communities where our farmers and team members live and work.

Health of Planet

Our core sustainability pillars keep us aligned to our mission so we can be a regenerative and resilient cooperative for generations to come.

Regenerative Cranberry Agriculture

Ocean Spray's cranberries were verified by a third party as Sustainably Grown using the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA)*, making cranberries the first fruit cooperative worldwide to receive this verification as sustainably grown.

*Based on a third-party audit of a representative set of Ocean Spray cranberry farms.

Build Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains

Ocean Spray manufacturing facilities are all audited by Sedex SMETA to ensure our business has meaningful and impactful labor, ethics, health and safety, and environmental practices

Design Purposeful Products and Packaging

We’re committed to achieving in the future a fully recyclable, reusable, or compostable global portfolio, and are working with partners to also ensure the number of people recycling worldwide improves.

Our innovation focuses not only on creating nutritious products for families worldwide, but also ensuring that we are making a positive impact on our environment throughout the process.


COVID-19 Response

The world is coming together as one to overcome COVID-19 and its impact around the globe. Above all, we are inspired by the work each and every person is doing around the world to fight this pandemic, together. Learn more about Ocean Spray COVID-19 Action