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It takes a certain spirit to grow this berry into the super-fruit powerhouse it can be.

Ocean Spray was built on the maverick mindset of three bold farmers. Today, we’re a vibrant agricultural cooperative of around 700 family farmers.

A unique little fruit. A rich history. The cranberry might be a little offbeat. With its bold, bitter taste, the cranberry might be a little offbeat. But then, so are we.

Bold Beginnings

Deliciously innovative since 1930. Three passionate, independent cranberry growers banded together with one mission: see this superfruit soar. 700+ farmers later, the Ocean Spray Cooperative has far outgrown its tiny but mighty beginnings.


Our Farmer Owners


Around 700 family farmers make up our vibrant cooperative. This collective ownership makes for the best crop for our innovative products.

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Farmer Love

Get to know the growing cooperative of maverick family farmers that make up Ocean Spray.

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The Mighty Cranberry

Like little security guards for your body. Cranberries are packed with antioxidants and prebiotics to fuel the good within. And there’s more to uncover. The super potential within this bold, little berry.

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Bold flavor takes time

The cranberry harvest. A year’s worth of hard work, culminating in an incredible process. Come autumn, cranberries finally reach their peak. Crimson color. Bright flavor. A moment Ocean Spray growers are always proud of.

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