Stronger Together

Ocean Spray is committed to fostering an inclusive culture, where all individuals thrive as their authentic selves. Our different backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking inspire us to be exceptional. Be collaborative. Be innovators. Team members, farmers, consumers and communities alike--we value what makes us unique and strive to create a better life…for all.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play an important role in creating an inclusive culture at Ocean Spray while celebrating the diversity of our team members. Our ERG members are determined in their mission to promote diversity and inclusion by building connections across teams and in giving back to our communities.


PRIDE’s goal is to provide a network that supports the professional development of LGBTQIA team members; foster a community among LGBTQIA team members and allies; provide education and resources to those wanting to learn and understand more about LGBTQIA; and help influence senior leadership and areas of the organization to develop policies and practices that positively impact LGBTQIA people globally at Ocean Spray.

Multicultural ERG

The Multicultural ERG strives to increase cultural awareness, support talent development, and promote diversity. We aim to foster an environment where our diverse team members are valued and empowered to grow their careers. We commit to serve as advisors to the business, leveraging our cultural perspectives to shape the way we serve our stakeholders and consumers.

Women's Coalition

The Women’s Coalition focuses on creating a sustainable framework for the professional growth of women at Ocean Spray; implementing initiatives designed to have a positive impact on women and the business; and to increase awareness of gender diversity and the critical role of leveraging women in the workplace at Ocean Spray.

Caregivers ERG

The goal of the Caregivers ERG is to establish a place for all types of caregivers at Ocean Spray (both domestic and international) to connect and provide support, opportunities, resources and professional development. The ERG will strive to provide leaders with input conducive to the needs of caregivers at Ocean Spray, helping caregivers to feel empowered and in control, both at home and at the office.



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