Jellied & Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Ocean Spray® Cranberry Sauce adds vibrant color, texture and unique sweet, tart flavor – with the healthy goodness of fruit!

Available in a traditional #10 can.

Ocean Spray® Cranberry Sauce expands a chef's creativity by adding tantalizing flavor, color and texture to recipes and presentations.

Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce adds an authentic fruit texture & Jellied Cranberry Sauce adds a subtle smooth texture.

To learn more about Ocean Spray® Cranberry Sauce, or for assistance in placing an order, contact an Ocean Spray foodservice sales representative or call us at 1-800-662-3263.

Product Information

01400 - 10 lb Jellied Cranberry Sauce

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01435 - 10 lb Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce

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