Apple Cranberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Apple Cranberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Apple Cranberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies
  • Prep Time

    10 minutes
  • Serving Size

    48 (2 cookies)


  • 1 1/4 cups
  • Unsweetened applesauce2 cups
  • Firmly packed brown sugar2 cups
  • Granulated sugar1/2 cup
  • Eggs5
  • Vanilla extract3 teaspoons
  • All-purpose flour3 3/4 cups
  • Baking soda2 1/2 teaspoons
  • Ground cinnamon1 tablespoon
  • Salt1 teaspoon
  • Rolled oats7 1/2 cups
  • Craisins® Original Dried Cranberries3 cups
  • Craisins® Original Dried Cranberries front image.

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Heat oven to 350°F. In a large bowl, beat butter, applesauce, brown sugar, granulated sugar, eggs, and vanilla until smooth. Add in the flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt and mix well with a spoon. Add in oats and Ocean Spray® Craisins® Dried Cranberries and combine until all ingredients are mixed well. Use a ¼ size measuring cup to scoop and drop cookie dough onto ungreased cookie sheets, and gently press the cookies to slightly flatten them. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until cookies are light golden brown. Cool for 1 minute before transferring the cookies to a wire rack. Cool completely and serve. *Chef tip: After step 4 place sheets in the refrigerator for 2-hours to overnight. This will help the cookies set up and prevents lots of spread on the baking sheet. Nutrition Information per Serving: 2 cookies Calories 200 " Total Fat 6g " Saturated Fat 3g " Trans Fats 0g " Fiber 2g " Total Sugars 17g Sodium 125mg " Potassium 87mg Provides: 1/8 cup creditable fruit per serving " 2 oz grain eq.