Fresh Cranberry Flower Arrangement

Fresh Cranberry Flower Arrangement

Fresh Cranberry Flower Arrangement
  • Prep Time

    5 minutes


  • Clear glass vase or pitcher1
  • Fresh Cranberries1-2 bags
  • Bouquet of fresh flowers1
  • Water
  • Featured Product

    Fresh Cranberries


Start with an empty vase or pitcher. Add 1 or 2 bags of Ocean Spray® Fresh Cranberries (depending on the size of the vase) and enough water to fill vase 3/4 full. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut the ends off the fresh flowers at a 45-degree angle. Add cut flowers to vase, arranging as needed. Replace water daily or as needed, and discard berries when they become soft, which can range from a few days to about a week.