Fruit Juice Frozen Pops

Fruit Juice Frozen Pops

Fruit Juice Frozen Pops
  • Prep Time

    5 minutesplus freezing
  • Serving Size

    8 pops


  • Diet Cran x Pineapple™2 cups
  • Diet Cran x Mango™2 cups
  • Wooden craft sticks8
  • 6-inch squares heavy-duty foil 8
  • 5-ounce paper cups8
  • Featured Product

    Diet Cran x Pineapple™

  • Featured Product

    Diet Cran x Mango™


Pour 1/2 cup juice into each paper cup. Place foil over tops of cups; press and form around cups so top is tight. With sharp knife, cut a small slit in center of foil on each; carefully insert stick in each so it is standing up straight. Place cups on tray or baking sheet with sides. Place flat in freezer. Freeze overnight or until solid. To serve, remove foil; warm cups slightly with hands to lift out, or peel paper from frozen pops. Makes 8 pops.