Holiday Kissing Ball

Holiday Kissing Ball

Holiday Kissing Ball
  • Prep Time

    1 hour


  • 5” foam ball
  • Red acrylic craft paint
  • 24-gauge beading wire
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks or wooden toothpicks
  • Fresh Cranberries1-2
  • Desired holiday trim: ribbon
  • Featured Product

    Fresh Cranberries


Paint foam ball with red craft paint. Set aside to dry. Cut an 18" piece of wire and fold it in half. Push folded wire all the way through the center of foam ball, leaving a 1” wire loop extending at bottom of ball and 3” of wire extending at top. Using hot glue gun or toothpicks, attach cranberries to ball, covering it completely. Twist wires at top of ball into a simple hook for hanging. Use ribbon to tie mistletoe and other desired holiday trim to wire above and below ball, and hang with hook. Kissing ball will last several days. Discard once berries begin to soften. To extend the life of your decoration, you can spray with an even coating of shellac.