How to Make a Pilgrim Bonnet

How to Make a Pilgrim Bonnet

How to Make a Pilgrim Bonnet


    • 8x10 piece of white paper
    • Three feet of ribbon of your own choosing
    • Stapler
    • Hole puncher


    Fold the piece of paper in half the long way, and then unfold it so you can see the crease. On the top half cut two slits evenly spaced that stop at the crease. These slits should essentially create three flaps of equal size on the top of the paper. Fold up the other side of the paper about an inch so the edge is even with the crease. Poke a hole in each end of the folded half of the paper. Cut two pieces of ribbon, about 18-inches long, and tie one end of each ribbon to the hole you poked. The folded section will be the front/brim area of the hat and the ribbons can be tied under the chin or left hanging at the side of the head. Turn your attention back to the other half of the paper. The two outside flaps are brought together under the middle flap – like you are making a box. Staple these three together and this will form your finished bonnet! Wear and enjoy!