Ocean Spray® Bottle Upcycle

Ocean Spray® Bottle Upcycle

Ocean Spray® Bottle Upcycle


    • Fresh Cranberries1
    • Scissors
    • Soil
    • Plant of choice
    • Papier-mâché materials
    • Paint and decorations of choice
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      Fresh Cranberries


    Step 1: Using scissors, cut your bottle into 3 parts. Step 2: Recycle the cap. Place the top section upside down, inside the bottom section. (The mouthpiece will create a drainage hole to help protect your plant from rot, fungus and bacteria!) Step 3: Papier-mâché your bottle with newspaper. (Easy instructions here: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/paper-mache-directions-1245292) Step 4: Decorate your new pot however you wish, fill with potting soil, and add your new plant!