Spicy Cranberry Szechuan Sauce

Spicy Cranberry Szechuan Sauce

Spicy Cranberry Szechuan Sauce
  • Prep Time

    20 minutes
  • Serving Size

    8 ounces of sauce


  • Szechuan pepper1 teaspoon
  • Soy sauce1/2 cup
  • Garlic chili paste1 tablespoon
  • Sesame oil1 tablespoon
  • Rice vinegar1 tablespoon
  • Chinese cooking wine1 tablespoon
  • Brown sugar1 tablespoon
  • Craisins® Original Dried Cranberries1/2 cup
  • Garlic powder1/2 teaspoon
  • Onion powder1/2 teaspoon
  • Water2 tablespoons
  • Craisins® Original Dried Cranberries front image.

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In a small saucepan add all ingredient and bring to a simmer, immediately turn off the heat. Once slightly cooled, blend the sauce using a small blender or hand blender to combine the ingredients. Store in the fridge or use immediately. Chef Note: Use the sauce with your favorite stir-fry vegetables, grilled meats, or thicken with a few tablespoons of cornstarch and use on your favorite Asian inspired noodle dish.