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The Ocean Spray Global Ingredient Technology Group creates innovative cranberry ingredients to suit your needs! Ocean Spray’s success in bringing cranberries to food and beverages manufacturers has secured its place as one of the world’s premier fruit ingredient suppliers, selling to over 70 countries worldwide. Different cranberry formats add value to products in sectors as diverse as breakfast cereal, confectionery, dairy, salads, snacks and bakery!
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    Ocean Spray Ingredients offers a wide range of products including Crunchy Cranberries™, dried cranberries, frozen fruit, puree, and concentrate, so there is an exciting ingredient to suit different end product requirements.  Ocean Spray’s passion for cranberries, depth of scientific knowledge and market understanding allow for highly innovative ingredient development.  The Ingredients Group works in close partnership with food and beverage manufacturers to bring successful new products to market across the globe

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    Ocean Spray® cranberry ingredients deliver vibrant color, distinctive flavor, ideal texture and an appealing healthy image. Adding value across a spectrum of food applications, cranberries are the perfect addition to every application from breakfast to dinner and every occasion in between.


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    Ocean Spray® Ingredients Contacts

    Ocean Spray operates via a global network of distributors across North America, Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

    To begin using our expert development and marketing support, contact your local Ocean Spray distributor or a member of the Ocean Spray ITG business development team.

    To contact our Ingredient Technology Group or if you have a Customer Comment, please click here.

  • Cranberry Auction

    Cranberry Auction

    Our next Cranberry Concentrate Trading Event is happening on July 25, 2018. Click to learn more.