The good vibe we needed

Nathan Apodaca’s (or @doggface208 as you may know him) freespirited video has inspired a nation thirsty for optimism and a good bottle of cranberry juice. His TikTok has turned into a trend and now into a challenge, a challenge Jimmy Fallon, Mick Fleetwood, governors, kids, and even our own CEO Tom Hayes have all taken.

Like everyone, we were taken by Nathan’s good nature, obvious longboarding skills, and his story. He was on his way to work when his truck died. He was ready though: he had his board and his drink – a bottle of Ocean Spray® Cran-Raspberry® Juice Drink – and the feeling he captured on video showed how setbacks are just new directions.

We wanted to do what we could to give back some of the good feeling Nathan gave us all, so we surprised him with a brand new truck and a hefty supply of his favorite drink.

So what about you, are you down to take the #DreamsChallenge?

Taking it is as easy as a good mood. All you need is your favorite flavor Ocean Spray®, your wheels of choice, and a vibe. Then just let the good times roll. Post your take on it with the hashtag #DreamsChallenge or #cranberrydreams and tag us @oceanspray on Tiktok or @oceansprayinc on Instagram for a chance to be featured in our stories!